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 Permiti serves as a “back of office” extension to your organization managing the full process of applying for an event permit, or in some cases multiple permits, required for you to successfully host events in and around the City of Cape Town.

What we do

We manage the entire application process with the local authorities to ensure that you obtain the necessary permit for your event.

Applying for event permits can be very time consuming and frustrating depending on the type of event you are holding.  To run a simple event you will need to complete up to 24 pages of application forms, draw up site plans, produce medical plans, have a waste removal plan, obtain noise exemption approval, get SAPS clearance and much more to be issued with a permit.

With Permiti all you have to do is focus on managing your event. We manage the entire application process for you.

By obtaining a permit to hold your event, you don’t stand the risk of having your event taken down or paying hefty fines to the City of Cape Town.

Get a permit, it is easy with Permiti

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What you get from us

Permiti commits to providing you with professional and efficient services throughout the entire application process. On the successful completion of the process and full payment, we will supply you with the following: *

  • The required permit/s as issued by the local authorities
  • Details of exactly what the permit allows you to do/have, e.g. the number of gazebos, the number of banners and flags, the layout of the event etc.
  • Details of your medical plan
  • Details of the waste removal plan
  • Details of any other plans that were required

*Provided that you furnished us with all the information we needed regarding your event and  paid the processing fee in full

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